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Do-it-yourself Plans:


We have created many classic playset and treehouse designs over the years and some people have expressed interest in buying the plans to build one themselves. If you are a fairly good do-it-yourself-er and you would like to use some of our playset or treehouse plans to enhance your backyard, you can purchase them on-line for $19.99 or on a CD-R via the US Mail for $22.99 . Simply complete the "Playset Plans" order section below. You can see a sample of the plans and drawings by clicking here.

You can also have us "create" a playset design based on what is in your kids' coconuts! Just send us an email describing what you want and we will see if we can develop some plans for you. Pricing will depend on plan complexity, etc

Custom-designed Engraved Signs:

All Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc., playsets and treehouses that we have built include a hand engraved sign in whatever design the kids request, including their names and a name for their "clubhouse." They are completed with stain or paint. (You can see some samples of signs we have done by clicking the "Pictures/Ideas" button on the left, and then Click on the "Custom Signs" link.)

If you would like to order a sign for your own playset or treehouse, or for a kid's room, etc., we can design and make a sign for you for $49.99 plus postage (via US Mail). Simply complete the "Custom Playset Signs" section below.

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If you dont see what you want, please email us and we can create something special for YOU!