Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How much do the playsets cost?

A.  Prices of the basic playsets range from $1,500 to $6,000.  However, because each playset is custom designed to fit your kids and your backyard, your actual price may vary depending on what extras or add-ons you may choose.  Generally, the more elements that are included in the playset, the higher the price.

Q.   What is included in the playset?

A.    We individually design each playset or treehouse based on our discussion with you and your children.  We have lots of pictures of playsets and treehouses that we have done in the past to help you get some ideas as to what you might want to include in yours.  This might include a “theme” for your playset, such as a pirate ship, a monster truck, a fort, or a treehouse, but also include things like swings, a turbo slide, climbing wall, steering wheel, benches, toybox/seat, telescope, binoculars, and many more.

Q.   How long does it take to build?

A.    Mostly it depends on the size and complexity of the playset, but it ranges from one week to three to four weeks.  Roc works pretty much by himself and he builds the entire playset in your backyard.

Q.   How big does the area have to be for the playset?

A.    This will largely depend on the playset design.  We have several “small yard” designs that can fit in an area as small as 4' X 6', and we have done some playsets that were upwards of 30' X 45'. (Be aware that if swings are to be included, you will need a minimum of 11 feet to the front and back, for a total minimum of 22 feet.)  The area should be nearly level, though we can custom design our playsets to accommodate most backyards.   There is no height maximum; safety will dictate in each situation.

Q.  What size and number of trees do I need for a treehouse?

A.    Generally treehouses require one or more trees of 8”-10” diameter, but we have done some creative things with smaller   trees by incorporating them in the treehouse design, but providing other means of support.  And, frankly, I have built “treehouses” with no trees!

Q. What are the playsets made from?

A.    The short answer is: anything you want.  Generally, however, we use pressure treated no. 2 southern pine for the structures (4”X4”uprights, 2”X4” and 2”X6” crossmembers, etc.), cedar, maple or pine for any eating surface (picnic tables, counters, etc.), cedar or pine planking for roofing (or vinyl tarpaulin roofs).   We have made an entire playset using only cedar (nice, but very expensive), and we have used other materials at the specific request of the client.  We only use bolts and screws; no nails (so they won’t pull out over time). All surfaces are sanded and edges rounded over to reduce splinters. Safety is the top priority in both design and construction.

Q.     Is pressure treated wood safe for a child’s playset?

A.    Yes.  The pressure treated wood we use has been treated with “ACQ”, which is the new “arsenic free” water-based treatment which all pressure treated wood manufacturers must now use.   It is considered safe for all playset construction, but itshould not be used for any surfaces used for food preparation.  Additionally, it should never be burned.

Q.     What do I have to do to have someone design a playset for us?

A.     If you live in the Boston area, e-mail us and leave your phone number.  Roc will call you to set up a convenient time to meet and go over your needs, show you pictures of other playsets, and see if there is something we can do for you.  Or you can call us at 978-943-6485 (9am-4pm, EST).  You can also go to our website to see some pictures of other playsets and treehouses at