About Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc.


Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. has been helping kids' dreams come true with custom designed backyard playsets since 1999.  We have designed and built a wide variety of high quality backyard playsets, each of which is unique, and each of which is designed with the kids' and parents' participation. 

Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. themes have included a pirate ship, a playhouse, a fort, a treehouse, a steam engine and caboose, and a monster truck, and more.  Each of these playsets were designed by - and reflects the dreams of - the kids, with the help of their parents.

Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. include "special extras" like

  • slides,
  • swings,
  • steering wheels,
  • toyboxes,
  • cannons,
  • telescopes,
  • periscopes,
  • tables,
  • benches,
  • "secret spaces",
  • special windows,
  • climbing walls,
  • climbing rope,
  • windows with flower boxes
  • canopies

Your children decide what special extras would fit best in their dreams and in their playset.

Each Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. is personalized with a hand carved sign with the each child's name. Some have been on flowerboxes, some in wooden banners, some in special designs in the shape of the family pet!  Your children and you choose the way to personalize your own Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc.

Let your children's imaginations run wild!

Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. stimulate children's minds through creative play while they exercise their bodies.  Your kids will enjoy years of backyard adventures, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Parents love Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. because their kids, and their friends, now want to play in their backyard. 

Parents also love the fact that the kids enjoy the fun of a safe, beautiful and challenging playset while the parents watch from the comfort of their kitchen window.  And they no longer have to go through the hassle of packing the kids into the car to take them to the town playground.

Safety. Quality. Workmanship

Your children's safety is our chief concern and it is reflected in all Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. .

Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. are designed and built with the highest level of safety, quality and workmanship. Playsets are built with 4" x 4" uprights and 2" x 6" and 2" x 4" connectors. Heavy galvanized bolts and deck screws are used in all construction: no nails are used. Exposed wood edges are sanded round. Bolts are counter bored to eliminate hazards. Slides and swings are molded from brightly colored, high impact polyethylene and are designed to withstand extreme use and weather conditions. Slides, swings and accessories meet or exceed ASTM safety guidelines.

Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. are constructed with pressure treated southern yellow pine lumber.  Cedar or redwood is also available.

Free - Consultation and Estimate

If you would like to schedule a free design meeting, at your convenience, to see what can   be   done   in   your  backyard, you only need to call or e-mail us.   We will meet with you and your kids to design your Roc 'n' Playsets, Inc. We'll spark your imagination with photographs of existing playsets and the special extras. We will also provide you with a free cost estimate.